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Sportsman 70 Lumen Head Lamp

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Sportsman 70 Lumen Head Lamp

3-Color Fishing Headlamp.

4 choices of light...A 70 lumen single pure white LED that will light your path up to 190 ft ahead, 10 LED UV light, 4 LED green light and white strobe light.

Up/Down positioning...point the lens dead-ahead, or nearly straight down to illuminate your working hands.

White light (brightest) runs 7 hours.  The UV, green and strobe LED's run over 10 hours.

Al lights runs on 3 AAA batteries...available anywhere!

Water and shock resistant.

Head strap adjust in two places. Can be comfortably worn for hours!

Perfect for your car, truck, toolbox, boat, backpack...even  the bedroom for night owl readers.