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American Civil War 1000pc Puzzle

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American Civil War 1000pc Puzzle

Perhaps you watched the Ken Burns Television Series on the American Civil War. I'm not sure if I have ever witnessed such compelling film, before or since. Don't leave this Earth without that experience.

But we also recommend, with appropriate modesty, another way to gain some understanding of the Civil War. Our 1000pc puzzle takes hours to assemble. If you join friends or family members in the project, you will gain knowledge from the board, and some understanding from the conversation. There is much to learn from the puzzle: soldiers, citizens, slaves, battles, monuments, geography, strategies.

There is also much to talk through, and in the quiet assembly process, your thoughts will find voice. White Mountain Puzzle of New Hampshire specialized in epic events. Their best selling Civil War puzzle brings America's near miss with oblivion to the front of your kitchen table. It is heart-breaking and inspiring all at once.

1000pc. 24"x30" when finished. Ages 12+