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Bee House Salt Box

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Bee House Salt Box

Walk into any professional kitchen, assured that nearly all chefs measure salt in their fingers...not with a spoon.  Just next to the stove, you'll spot a "salt box" , usually filled with fresh sea salt.  Chefs reach right in, gather the salt in their fingers, add it to a recipe or a sizzling sauce pan, then return the leftovers or return for a bit more.

Most Salt Boxes are simple, and very easily ours!  This ceramic piece comes with a flip-top lid and a generous 2-cup capacity. We sell our commercial-grade version in berry blue.

Join the pro's.  Salt with your fingers: the only tools you own connected directly to your brain!

Oh and by the way: Bee House Salt Boxes are made in Japan. We met the family there more than 40 years ago. They remain devoted to quality, simplicity and functionality.

Hand-wash...every year or so!