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Bend Brite Magnetic Light

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Bend Brite Magnetic Light

Ready to go to  work!  Our BendBrite LED is compact, waterproof, useful, flexible...almost intelligent! 

Whether attached by its clip or powerful magnet, BendBrite stays put and points the light in virtually any direction.  Small enough to get into wee spots...tough enough to survive. 

Clip it to the bill of your cap. Hang it from the bottom of your kitchen sink.  Attach it to your home fuse box while you assess sudden darkness!

Keep one in each car for emergencies.  Option 1: Turn on the red blinking LED light, attach  it to the top of your car and wait for a hero to come along.  Option 2: Re-build your engine on the Interstate.  BendBrite will lead the way, either way.

Works anywhere! Uses two long lasting (commonly available) Lithium cr2032 3v batteries.