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Cast Iron Saddle Hook 10-inch

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Cast Iron Saddle Hook 10-inch

Heavy Duty 10" Cast iron Saddle Hook. Pinted Jet Black. Two hanging surfaces: a 10" horizontal bar, and a 3.5" lower hook

These big hooks are NOT for flimsy sheet rock walls! We  supply them for barns, sheds, tool rooms and serious mud hang just about anything.

Painted black. Built for work, not not for  glam.

4 mounting holes for stability. We recommend four  #10 countersunk wood screws, between 2.0" - 3.0" If you can't find black screws, just spray them.

At 9" Tall and 10" Deep, these hooks are as big as a dinner plate and heavy. They will not disappoint.

Click on the link below the image to see our hook keeping snowshoes off the floor!