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Cedar Adirondack Chair

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Cedar Adirondack Chair

Our classic white cedar hand made Adirondack Chairs, made damn straight right here in the state of Vermont.

Given reasonable care, our Adirondack chairs will even outlast you! We're pretty confident that our Hero's Welcome Adirondack Chairs will be the last ones you'll ever buy, unless you buy more, which often happens. They are made of extra thick "five quarter" Vermont-grown White Cedar. The thickness makes all the difference in stability, style and endurance. Lay a ruler on almost all the competitive chairs out there, and you'll find the frame slats to be 3/4" or even less. That same ruler, laid upon our chair will mark nearly a full inch of solid wood. Cedar is renowned for outdoor durability. Our chairs arrive at your address in their natural state, without paint, stain or varnish. They can be left that way to age or "silver". They can also be easily painted, stained or varnished. Click on the links below the image to help you decide. 34"H x 33"D x 31"W.  

Adirondack chairs were first made famous at the great estate "camps" in upstate New York and Vermont. It's still possible to find an original out there. Some are nearly a century old! Sadly, most newer versions are lightly framed, hastily assembled and destined for undistinguished short lives. Not ours! they arrive ready to provide decades of comfort and durability! They also arrive with galvanized bolts, and specially coated screws. You can put one together without exotic tools in under 15 minutes. And did we mention comfort? Oh my...this chair creates doubts about ever going back to work! The rounded back, the wide armrests and the curve beneath your bottom will embrace you like your mother did. 

The Classic Adirondack is boxed and ready to ship anywhere in the world. We've sent them to Germany, England and don't worry about your postal code! 
Matching ottoman and small table also available!