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DryGuy Boot & Shoe Dryer

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DryGuy Boot & Shoe Dryer

Personally tested at our house! 

There are few things better in life than heading out into the Vermont woods to work or play...unless your boots are cold and wet!!

We found these inexpensive boot warmers a while back and have welcomed them to the family.

Meet our DryGuy boot/shoe warmer and dryer. For use in your home or cabin. Small enough to go anywhere, warm in minutes and dry in hours.

Working naturally, with gentle, thermal convection the boot dryer silently dries all sporting footwear including Ski and Board boots, Ice Skates, Soccer shoes, Baseball shoes and Football shoes as well as hunting, fishing, working and dress boots and shoes. It also produces a safe efficient heat eliminating odors and increasing the life of footwear and gear. Transfer the comforts of home to your car and on the road.

Included is one 110 volt adaptor for home and 12 volt adaptor for your car.

1-year warranty

Our'll be back for a second pair!