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Espresso Starter Set

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Espresso Starter Set

Everything you need to make espresso at home.


The Primula 4-cup Stovetop Espresso maker serves two American size coffee cups. It makes a wonderful, memorable brew without a barista or a hissing boiler. Millions of Italians use these every day at home.

Ground coffee is delivered to the pot via the ingenious DosaCaffe which we import from Italy. It accurately measures the exact dose of ground coffee, no matter the size of the pot!  The spinning milk frother prepares thick foam for a cappuccino with the milk you keep at home.

We also include a bag of Green Mountain Dark Magic Espresso Roast -Whole Bean Coffee. Let us know if you need it ground, we'll be happy to do that at no additional charge. 

Years ago, our youngest moved to Tuscany, and soon introduced us to Stovetop Espresso Makers. It was the Italians after all that inspired Starbucks...and taught us to make time for coffee every day. We learned to make it and drink it as the Italians do at home.

Our Espresso Gift Set is inspired by these traditions. It contains all the key tools and ingredients.

Authentic Italian morning Caffe can be prepared in about 5 minutes.  And as my bride says "...I don't leave bed without it."