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French Press Coffee Maker -8 cup

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French Press Coffee Maker -8 cup


There are so many ways to make a great cup of coffee...and coffee drinkers relish the debate. One of the finalists for sure is to use a French Press.

And it couldn't' be simpler!  Place your favorite coffee, coarsely ground, on the bottom of the glass container. Pour boiling water right on top of it. Lower the stainless "press" lid slowly until it reaches the coffee, and let it stand for 4 minutes. Then pour one of the richest brews you can imagine.

We hear that the CEO of Starbucks prefers his coffee press to all other devices! We figure he's tried most of them. Ours, proudly made by Bonjour, has an 8-Cup capacity. 

French Press. Stainless steel filter, frame and lid. Limited Lifetime Warranty. 9" Tall.