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Grip-Ez Potato Masher

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Grip-Ez Potato Masher

My Mom could make Potato Soup, like nobody else!

Not that she hovered over the range all day.  An early adopter of stovetop pressure cookers, the time-saving rage of the fifties, she was a regular Ace-Ventura when it came to her 8-Quart Mirro rig.  Like the Microwave oven, it vastly reduced cooking time by heating up dinner under high pressure.   A weighted pet cock sat atop the contraption, holding the pressure inside, but ready to let go the full thrust of steam if the process went haywire.  At least once, her Safety First discipline slipped and we ended up scraping Potato Soup off the kitchen ceiling.

She pressure-cooked just about everything...pot roast, potatoes, apples, chicken, squash...but her potato soup was the one I remember most. 

Just after popping the top (and sometimes it pressure-popped!), she'd let one of us mash down the hot spuds into acceptable soup-sized morsels with the same classic masher that you see here.  Though decades have past since she last served up her Potato Soup, I still think of her each time that masher comes into my hand.

My mom cooked on the run. I grew up actually thinking that the 2nd batch of cookies was supposed to be burned!  So, we have no specific Potato Soup recipe to share. However, if your soul is adventurous, you can channel your own with these hints.  Boil peeled Idaho potatoes down to a soft state.  Drain away the water. Mash them lightly (but preserve the chunks). Add fresh whole milk, add fresh-cut parsley, sauteed onions, salt and pepper.  Preserve the thickness!  Memorable Potato Soup wants to be goulash!  If you are using a pressure cooker for the first time, wear a football helmet.

Deluxe Masher. Stainless  Steel and Grip EZ Ergonomic Handle. 11'' Long.  Endorsed by my Mother.