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Wood Pig Tray 20''L

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We discovered this little pig's best-selling big brother last year.  Hand-carved in the Philippine Islands, no two are exactly alike. Our supplier abides by safe foresting standards, so arrivals are hard to predict. 

This little piggy was born to delight!  He can carry a grand assortment of conversation-starters, including fruit, nuts, bread, rolls, flowers, rocks, napkins, assorted condiments, candles and candies.

20''L x 5.5''W x 5''T.

Which reminds us of a story!

A city couple had ventured to Maine for a brief getaway. Lost on a lonely road, they stopped to ask a farmer for directions. Climbing down from his John Deere, the farmer walked over to the fence, accompanied by a handsome pig, wearing a carefully carved wooden leg, which was attached to his hind-quarters with a hand-tooled leather harness.

The farmer dispensed his driving instructions, then being a man of few words, turned towards his tractor. But the tourists had another question..."Why does that pig have a wooden leg?", they asked.

"Why thaat piig sav'd my lyfe!", said the farmer in his flat Down East accent. "I was choppin' kahrn stalks in the naarth fahty last fall, when...don't cha tractah tipped ova...'n trapped me ruight  under't. Well... thaat pig ran all the wey baack to fetch Ma. She got help and saved me, f'shur!"

"But, but why the handsome wooden leg?", asked the tourists

"Why, thaat piig's a heero in mye baynk", replied the farmer. 

"Last wyntah, Ma 'n I had the ol' wuud stove goin' good...against the chil, don't cha know.  Cherrye red, she wuz. Afta we went t' beyd, that stove set fiya to the house!  Pig smelt it...and run up t'our ruhme.  He jump'd up on the dohr, and cryed squiggly-squiggly until Ma woke up...just in tyme too!"

"Boy,he sounds wonderful", said the tourists.  "But, but...why does he have a wooden leg?"

"Well!" said the farmer..."ya cant eyte a guud pig like thaat..all at one tyme!"

Note to our readers:

Our pig has 4 wooden legs!

A note about the carving. We greet all our pigs as they arrive from the sunny Philippines. The difference in personalities is heartwarming! Some First World Countries export carved wooden products that are...well, precisely chiseled. To be sure, each one looks exactly like its neighbor.

At best, our pigs look like cousins! The carvers use the wood they are given, flaws and all, and add the touches you will treasure. They are not perfect. But nor are we!


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