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Pure Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup -8.5 oz. Gingerbread Man Bottle

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Pure Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup -8.5 oz. Gingerbread Man Bottle

 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Glass Gingerbread Man Bottle. 8.5 oz. At left, see our inset picture of him dressed for Winter Holidays.

Native Vermonters revere hard work and demand fair value.  If you're not convinced read this recent ad that appeared in our island newspaper:

FIREWOOD! Excellent quality hardwood. Blocked (you split) and delivered. $150. per cord. Cut, split  and delivered $170.

If you've never had the pleasure of splitting a cord of wood (a pile that stacks to 4 feet x 4 feet x 8 feet), take it from us that the extra $20. charge may be the bargain of the century!!

Speaking of value...let's talk about the making of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

By now, you may know that Vermonters must boil down 40 gallons of natural Maple Tree sap to make a single gallon of Maple Syrup. Imagine a graceful Sugar Maple Tree, its trunk 24" in diameter, only able to deliver about 2 quarts of fine finished syrup! This is hard work, and made all the more challenging by the narrow window of opportunity.  The sap only begins to run after the cold winter nights begin to turn warm in the morning...Springtime! 

"Sugar Makers" work furiously during this 3-6 week period to bring in their cash crop. It's worth it. Compared to their other crops, such as milk, beans or corn, maple syrup is worth a fortune.

Legend has it that the Iroquois discovered the syrup by accident.  They had long boiled their meat and vegetables in natural maple sap to add sweetness...sounds wonderful, eh? A pot left on the fire too long yielded the much stickier, sweeter delight we know today.  Thank your Native American Indian Brothers and Sisters for that.

Syrup is graded according to VT law, and these ratings are strictly enforced.  Our gingerbread man contains 8.5 oz. of Grade A Medium Amber...a favorite of resident Vermonters.