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Rabbit Fur Trooper Hat

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First designed for the Frozen Chosen...pilots who flew in unheated cockpits...the "bomber" style helmet hat is worn throughout Vermont.  When it's 15 below out on the lake, and the wind is howling, you have about 3 minutes to decide whether or not function trumps fashion. Correct answer? Function wins every time!

A while back, I met a wonderful fellow nearly 90 years old.  He was diminutive in stature, but a towering member of the "Greatest Generation". Just over 5 ft tall, he'd been trained as a B-17 Belly Gunner in WWII.  This was perhaps the most dangerous seat in the air. The twin 50-caliber machine guns had a full 360-degree look-down view beneath the plane, and were therefore prime targets for approaching fighters. Also, the space was so cramped, that most belly gunners had to take off their parachute in order to get into the seat. They also needed help from another person to get out...making their plight all the more difficult when and if the crew needed to abandon ship. Lastly, while their coats and pants were electronically heated, they relied on bomber hats like ours to keep warm.

Now late in his life, he tended his garden as we spoke, proudly telling me of his adventures as if they'd actually been fun. I tried to think of a single risk that I'd taken that was even remotely similar...and came up short.  I prayed that I would have been as brave.

Our Bomber Hats can quickly become both lifesavers and lifetime friends. 

Poly/Cotton outer shells break the wind and protect your head, ears and neck.  100% rabbit fur lining.  Choose S-M-L in the window above.

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