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Tagine Stove Top Cooker

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Tagine Stove Top Cooker

Millions of families cook their dinner in a ceramic Tagine.

Place it on your stove top. Over low heat cook lamb, beef, chicken, fruit, potatoes, couscous, vegetables, figs and sweets! The slow cooking, and the steam held under the cone lid preserve the tastes and the nutrition!  Tagine cooked meats generally fall right off your fork!

We are excited to introduce our own Tagine Stove Top Slow Cooker, imported directly from Tunisia where they have been used for centuries

“Season” your Tagine before using it the first time. The easy directions are included. Tagines should also be placed on top of a heat diffuser to prevent cooking hot spots. We sell 2 inexpensive models. 

Generally, your meal will cook on simmer, but you can also use your Tagine in the oven. Our Tagines arrive with 2 wonderful recipes, but there are several cookbooks available online that are devoted to this world-wide specialty. 

11" D x 11"H. Hand wash in hot soapy water.