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Vemont Maple Syrup Jug

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Pure Maple Syrup, made in the US. Available in 8 oz or half pint, 16 oz or 1 pint, 32 oz or 1 quart and 64oz or 1/2 gallon.

The task is daunting,..over 40 gallons of maple tree sap must be first collected, then boiled down to produce a single gallon of Pure Maple Syrup.  Imagine the heat from that stove.  Imagine standing there, during the long evaporation process.  Imagine the value of that remaining gallon of golden liquid.  Some Vermont farmers use the tortuous spring process to lose their winter weight!

Shortly after the American Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson ventured up to Vermont, in part to see one of these famous trees for himself.  No friend of the British, he bristled under their complete control of the importation of cane sugar from the West Indies.  His plan was to test the idea of transplanting Sugar Maples throughout the new on every farm...and to eventually wriggle free from  the egregious English prices. Change the liquid to oil, and the Brits to Saudis...and this story begins to sound familiar! 

Exceptional quality 100% pure Grade A Dark Maple Syrup. Made from Vermont Sugar Maple tree sap by straight-talking Vermonters.  


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