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Vermont Winter Afternoon Gift Basket

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Vermont Winter Afternoon Gift Basket

When winter's snow blanket unrolls over us each year in Vermont, the pace slows.

The ground freezes rock-solid to a depth of 4 feet. The crankcase oils thicken in idle tractors. The lake that surrounds us on the Champlain Islands becomes so hard, trucks soon replace boats. Smart folks stow extra jackets and socks in their pickups.

Winter afternoons suggest excuses to do all kinds of things. Islanders even created their own Baby Boom in 1998, following a 100-year ice storm and no power for 2 weeks!

Our Vermont Winter Afternoon Gift Basket was born for such mischief!

Two generous cow mugs with droopy udders anchor this selection. A local Hot Chocolate and a Vermont-made Scone Mix sets the pace. For sweeteners, we've added crystallized Vermont maple syrup candy and a 1.7 oz nipper of pure syrup from Morrisville.

We've even included a deck of playing cards and a mini-whisk to stir things up.

You can send this gift with a lot of love, and a personal endorsement for at least one sleepy afternoon.