Alburgh Vermont Historic Map

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We're proud to introduce this classic map of North Hero Island Vermont and the surrounding lake. Mapped in 1857 by H.F. Walling. The details are riveting...named home sites and businesses, churches, landmarks and early roads, topography, rivers and wetlands. In 1857, H.F. Walling completed his Map of Vermont, actually 12 separate maps, each one approximately 25 square feet! Every road in the state had been travelled by representatives of Mr. Walling. They carried compasses and an early version of the car odometer to measure the distance covered. Home-owners were queried, points of interest noted. The original maps were printed, then hand-colored and sold by county, mounted upon wooden rollers. Our map is 17" high x 11" wide.

Available framed and unframed, the metal frame is flat black. Clear styrene "glass" protects the image. The original coloring has been faithfully reproduced.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review