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Arundel by Kenneth Roberts

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Arundel by Kenneth Roberts

Early in the American Revolution, newly-minted General George Washington approved a daring and secret plan.  With boots and warships all over their Canadian and American Colonies, the British held nearly perfect command over their North American subjects.  So sure of this strength, they first tried to mollify the rebels with some soft-soap correspondence.

However in Quebec, North of the primary New England fight, the French paisans were rasping under their English overlords.  Some might say they still are, but that's for another book review! 

Washington commanded a  brash young Benedict Arnold to lead 1100 hand-picked wilderness-savvy men through the backwoods of Maine, to seize the looming British river fortress at Quebec City, and to rally the French Canadians to the American cause.  Cool idea, no?

This journey turned out to be one of history's most epic survival tales.  Five weeks later, 550 men crawled out of the forest. Famed historical novelist Kenneth Roberts, traveled every inch of the route, learning much from the descendents of those involved.  He published his riveting tale in 1930, and it remains riveting!  After reading it, you'll probably never watch Survivor on CBS again.