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Benedict Arnold - Revolutionary Hero

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Benedict Arnold - Revolutionary Hero

We offer more books on Benedict Arnold than almost any store in the nation.  Why?  The man attained near super-hero status among those he led and under those he served, yet he turned-coat on his young country, and died in disgrace. 

There's another reason too.  Mr. Arnold and my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Abiathar Camp were close friends before war broke out in 1775.  They lived in the same town, owned almost identical trading businesses, even joined the Masonic Lodge on the same evening.  they split over Crown loyalties as war commenced, then re-joined as friends in utter disgrace at war's end.  Both died profoundly unhappy.

But make no mistake, Benedict Arnold was easily the most talented general under Washington's command, and a well-known favorite of the stoic Commander in Chief.  Arnold's skill, stamina and daring garnered jealousy from his fighting peers, and efforts soon began to see him discredited.

Had Arnold been fatally wounded at the victorious and pivotal Battle of Saratoga, instead of just being horribly wounded, his life would have come down to us as one of America's most famous heroes.  Unfortunately, he survived his wounds, and lived to completely disgrace himself and his family. Author James Martin, has captured Arnold's life in the days prior to his traitorous decision. It's one helluva read. Don't miss it!  430 pages of text. 90 pages of footnotes.  Paperback.