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Benedict Arnold: The Dark Eagle - by B.R. Boylan

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Benedict Arnold: The Dark Eagle - by B.R. Boylan

The author leads us right to the heart of it "...Benedict Arnold was the most respected and feared officer in the American revolutionary army.  Resourceful and utterly un-afraid, he seemed to thrive on impossible challenges.  In the dead of winter he marched through the wilds of Maine to attack Quebec; he built a fleet on Lake Champlain in four months and stymied the British drive south; he was largely responsible for the American victory at Saratoga and for Burgoyne's surrender.  Several times he narrowly escaped death in hand-to-hand engagements." 

I've read this tale many times...our selection here is vast...but author Brian Boylan writes with energy!  Here he is again " any of these places, particularly the Saratoga battlefield on an October day, one can almost see and hear the impetuous Arnold, sword in hand, cape flying, galloping across the battlefield, hoarsely urging his 'brave lads' on, defying the British cannon and muskets -certain death -to achieve a stunning victory."  260 pages. Paperback.