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Benedict Arnold's Navy

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Benedict Arnold's Navy

Even Sir Winston Churchill was impressed!  Observing that the small battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain in 1776 changed the course of history so profoundly, that it must rank as one of the most pivotal "victories" ever recorded in naval history.

Many books have been written on the Battle of Valcour Island (which lies just a few miles from our store) and we stock most of them!  However, James Nelson, author of Russel Crowe's Master and Commander, tells it like no one else. 

Mr. Arnold did not actually win the Valcour fight. His a rag-tag collection of un-skilled mates and small-bore cannon did not help.  Vastlty out-gunned, and out-manned by the British, then masters of the seven seas, Arnold stubbornly held on, taking crushing hits, but returning damaging fire.  At day's end, his face was blackened with powder blow-back.  The decks of his small fleet ran with blood.  What happened next is too good to tell here!

This story is as American as it gets. You'll be truly proud of your forebearers...but also puzzled over how it could be possible that Arnold would eventually turn coat on his country.  Hardback.  350 pages.