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Bloody Mohawk -by Richard Berleth

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Bloody Mohawk -by Richard Berleth

Hero's Welcome rests on the east shore of the island of North Hero, in the middle of Lake Champlain.  Had we attempted to be open for business in the 17th and 18th centuries, we'd not be emailing you on this day.  You'd find us in a long abandoned cemetery, missing our scalps.

The 120-mile long lake separated warring Indian tribes for nearly two centuries!  The Indians of all nations were magnificent, yet fierce and fearsome people. Often towering above early European settlers by nearly a foot, they ruled the forests and the waters that now surround our general store.

Samuel Champlain first noticed the fraternity and ferocity of Mohawks on July 30, 1609.  Returning from a successful battle against them with hostages taken, he was stunned by the torture these poor captives would soon endure...the worst inflicted by the Indian warrior's wives!!

Dozens of books exist on the history of these parts.  We sell most of them.  I've read nearly every one.  This book, new to us, offers deep focus on one of the most mighty Indian Nations of all time...and sadly, its ultimate demise.