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Blue Enamelware 12 ounce Coffee Mug

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Blue Enamelware 12 ounce Coffee Mug

Blue speckled enamelware coffee cup. 12oz. Durable enamel finish, stainless steel rim.

When we were kids watching Roy Rogers and Gene Autry on television, the sight of our heroes drinking coffee out of an enamel mug 'round a lonely campfire underscored the hard truth...our cap guns just wouldn't cut it in the real world.

We admired the way they tossed the last dregs into the fire and knew that growing up included learning to drink gawd-awful coffee. After all, those cowboys weren't swiggin' milk!

The 12 oz.mugs are still made today, and sold in our century-old store. Tough as nails. Baked enamel over steel. Easy to pack and clean. Lightweight.  Not recommended for microwave ovens... Roy and Gene didn't have one in the chuckwagon.