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Blue Enamelware 4 Quart Pot

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Blue Enamel Pot - 4 quart

Enamelware has been manufactured since the days of Ancient Egypt. Glass-like ceramics were crushed under intense heat, then fused to metal. The result: Super strong, lightweight, rust proof containers! You can use our enamel pot for just about anything, from baking to boiling, from mixing to hoarding. But consider a newer idea, perhaps not thought of by the Pharaohs...composting! We keep our bright blue pot next to the kitchen sink, and use it to temporarily store all things heading for the composting bin outside. It even has a handle for the short trip.

4 Quart Enamel Pot. Durable Enamel Finish. Easy to clean with nylon brushes or pads. Dishwasher safe. Not for Microwave ovens.