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Blue Enamelware Cereal Bowl

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Enamel Bowl

Enamelware has been made for thousands of years. If Ancient Egyptians used it to adorn rouge pots, snuff boxes and jewelry, perhaps Cleopatra commissioned a set of dinnerware!

Poreclain-like glass is created, then shattered and ground, and under very high heat is bonded to steel the bowls before your eyes. Enamel can withstand intense heat. That's why we see those old coffee pots snugged right into the campfire coals in the Old Westerns, as the morning java is percolating.

Best cleaned with a nylon brush. Our bowls will last for years, indoors or out, cowhands or coeds!

6'' Enamel Bowls. Durable enamel finish. Stainless Steel Rim.