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Blue Enamelware Coffee Pot

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Blue Enamel Coffee Pot

Few of us have the time, the horses or the chuck wagon to recreate the Old West. But there must be some days when you might give just about anything for a few hours, snuggled 'round a campfire under the stars.

We can't get you all the way there, but can help you with a start.

Our classic blue enamel coffee pot, designed as it was for daily use more than a hundred years ago, can serve up a cup of "Joe" that will bring a smile to the buckaroo near you.

A big 6" flat bottom quickly connects to the heat, and adds stability. A simple percolator inside brings boiling water up through your favorite grind.

We recently learned that Americans drank more coffee in 1940 than they do today.  At our house it perked from dawn to dark...and in a pot like the one you see here.

Easy clean up. Durable enamel finish. Stainless steel rim. Can also be used as a water container to produce steam on a wood stove. 9.5" Tall/ 56 oz.  plus basket.

Don't bring no Fancy-Dan stainless Starbucks mug to this event.  Try our old-fashioned 20 oz. emamel mug.  Click here for details.