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Classic Kitchen Tools Set

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Classic Kitchen Tools Set

A gift that can cure the "wobblys"

It may be home-grown, but our cure for this thoroughly modern affliction get raves reviews. This Gift Basket of Classic Simple Kitchen Tools is filled with products that date back to days when America was easily defined by few words ..."Do Your Best, Lend a Hand, Get the Lead Out!"

These days, we're struggling to find new words.  Somehow "BFF" and "Entitlement" don't quite make it :)

Ahh, but our gift basket does. The heavy ice-cream spade, first produced in 1947 still out-performs the hundreds of more recent  copy-cat scoopers.

The tall glass Salt & Peppers...the very ones you used to sprinkle your high school frys...are still made by the same Mid-West manufacturer. Ditto for the Diner-Style Sugar Shaker and wall-mounted Coke Bottle opener. Yes, "The Pause" still refreshes. And did we forget to mention the "shake 'em out" Tooth Pick Holder? Remember those ingenious delivery vessels?

Here are some functional icons that date back to really satisfying days.  Perhaps, with them in your hands, we can more easily envision better days ahead.

Note to gift givers: Be sure to add a personal note, made available in our check-out process.  Lastly, we are a close-knit family operated enterprise, and love to create custom gift baskets.  Just scroll through our website, find the items you'd like to include, and call us at 1 802 372-4121. Special freight rates apply for shipments leaving the USA.