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Coca Cola Napkin Holder

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Coca Cola Napkin Holder

If you took that famous jingle to heart and bought "the world a Coke", it would set you back several billion dollars. With appropriate modesty, we suggest that you wait for a better charitable opportunity, and buy yourself one of our genuine Coca Cola Countertop Napkin Holders instead. In the deal, we'll throw in 250 paper napkins to get you started. The napkin dispenser is made of metal and chrome. It is fully licensed by Coke and has graced thousands of diner counters across the decades. Use our napkins to fill it up...and when you need more, click here! Metal coca cola napkin dispenser with polished chrome accents. Embossed graphics on sides. 7''T x 4.25''W x 3.75''D. Holds 100 folded 1-ply napkins.