Constitution & Declaration of Independence

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Bring America's history your home! We are proud to offer exact copies of the handwritten U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Both are printed on high quality parchment paper. Some historians argue that the Declaration is the single most important 1-page document ever written in the history of the world. Its carefully chosen words described an entirely radical idea, wherein a democratic government would represent and work for the people, instead of the other way around. The idea survived through the coming Revolutionary War, and went on to change the course of world history. The men who signed the Declaration did so at tremendous risk. All were placed on an "arrest and hang" list, a copy of which was carried by every British Soldier in his pack. As the war concluded, the U.S. Constitution was written to finish the work of the Declaration, adding specific Inalienable Rights, such as the right to gather in a public space and the right to free and open speech. Do these documents have much to do with our store in North Hero? They certainly do. The war began almost immediately on Lake Champlain. Many Vermonters fought valiantly. One of them, Elijah Dewey was granted the land beneath our store in recognition for his bravery. These documents will arrive as a pair. Each approximately 12" x 18"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review