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Bronze Harness Hook

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Bronze Harness Hook

Our Classic Barn Hooks are mostly sold to folks with horses and barns. Great for big gear! Cast iron, rust-toned, and fully 9" in length. We often sell several at a time. 

Perfect for saddles, bridles, leads, muck jackets, gardening gear, rope, leashes and 10 gallon hats!

Note: There are 4 mounting holes and screws are not included, since the mounting surfaces vary widely. We recommend these hooks be attached to solid wood surfaces, where 2" #8 black round-head wood screws will do the job. If your local hardware store is challenged to find black, just quickly spray the heads with matt black metal paint.

If sheet rock is your only option, you'll need to use butterfly hardware.

These hooks look old and well-used on Day 1, but will hold up their end of the bargain in just about any barn or shed out there.