9 Inch Bronze Wall Hook

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Our Classic Barn Hooks are mostly sold to folks with horses and barns. Great for big gear! Cast iron, rust-toned, and fully 9" in length. We often sell several at a time. 

Perfect for saddles, bridles, leads, muck jackets, gardening gear, rope, leashes and 10 gallon hats!

Note: There are 4 mounting holes and screws are not included, since the mounting surfaces vary widely. We recommend these hooks be attached to solid wood surfaces, where 2" #8 black round-head wood screws will do the job. 

If sheet rock is your only option, you'll need to use butterfly hardware.

These hooks look old and well-used on Day 1, but will hold up their end of the bargain in just about any barn or shed out there.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review