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Jade Glass Citrus Juicer

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Jade Green Glass Citrus Juicer

Beautiful, useful, classic.

Our "Jadite" styled glass juicer arrives in two pieces. The top receives oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits, etc.  The bottom holds the fresh juice, but also pulls double duty as a 2-cup measuring bowl, and pouring pitcher. 

That's the Greatest Generation for frills, long life, good values, ready to work. The original version was introduced in the 1930's, as part of a collection called Depression Glass.

My step-mom grew up in these times. Each day, she ironed a fresh shirt for her dad who was a barber in a Navy Town.  Her mom was the Head Nurse at the local hospital...and gave "no nonsense" an extra twist!

A while back I was standing in my step-mom's kitchen as she prepared to bake some cookies for the grandkids. To prepare the sheet, she opened the freezer door, and pulled out a folded-up wrapper that had once covered a now departed stick of butter.  Unfolding that wrapper, she greased the sheet with it.

That simple act of modest savings again reminded me of the important lessons we've let slip.  Soon, we'll be on our own, but there will be plenty of economically greased cookie sheets in heaven!


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