Jade Glass Sugar Pourer

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Those of you with a bit of silver at the temple will remember this "Depression Glass"  from the dirty '30s.  A company known as Jadite introduced it to penny-pinching Americans.  Vintage originals fetch quite a price these days.  Ours are new, but don't show it.  5.5" Tall.  2.75" Diameter.

Speaking of Hard Times, former President Jimmy Carter once told an interesting story about his mother's generosity during those times.  Young Jimmy noticed that homeless men knocked on the back door many times a day, to do a turn of work in exchange for a sandwich.  Yet the observant future peanut farmer, submarine captain and President noticed that no one ever knocked on the neighbor's door.  He asked one of the drifters about it and learned that a code was written in pencil on the mailbox of a generous home.  Proud to be a son of a family dispensing daily human kindness, he extended that philosophy far into his life.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review