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Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents -Coleman & Huyghe

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Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents -Coleman & Huyghe

Our best-selling book for those who are serious about the search for Lake Monsters. 

Says one credentialed scientist "...I suggest that before you concluded that lake monsters and sea serpents are all nonsense,  you examine the information in this superb compilation...the scope of the work is monumental."

"Champ" is our local monster and Lake Champlain, America's largest mountain lake, is where he resides.  The great depths and cold water provide similar surroundings to those found in Nessie's Loch Ness.

We've sold this 335 page paperback for years. It covers research going on around the planet.

Oh, and by the way, one of the most respected elders of our village...a man with many bone-fides to his name, swears that he clearly saw Champ surface in front of his eyes many years ago off the Island of North Hero.