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Maple Syrup Glass Log Cabin

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Pure Maple Syrup 8.5oz Glass Log Cabin

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Glass Log Cabin Bottle available in 1.7 oz or 8.5 oz.

Sugar makers work furiously during the spring to bring in their maple syrup "crop". It's worth it. Compared to their other crops, such as milk, beans or corn, maple syrup is worth a fortune.

Legend has it that the Iroquois discovered the syrup by accident.  They had long boiled their meat and vegetables in natural maple sap to add sweetness...sounds wonderful, eh? A pot left on the fire too long yielded the much stickier, sweeter delight we know today.  Thank your Native American Indian Brothers for that.

Thomas Jefferson was so impressed by the Sugar Maple Tree that he sent dozens of saplings home during a visit to Vermont in 1791. His idea was to plant one at every home in America, and vastly reduce the need to import British sugar from the West Indies. It seems we had a balance of trade issue even then!  First Sugar. Now Oil.

Syrup is graded according to VT law, and these ratings are strictly enforced.  Contains Grade A Medium Amber...a favorite of resident Vermonters.