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Mini Honey Pot and Dipper

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Mini Honey Pot and Dipper

Recently we learned something about honey that's had an amazing effect.

An island bee-keeper, while delivering a hive to our apple orchard this past spring, told us to consume a healthy amount of the honey he would soon be making.

I've suffered fall allergies for years, but he took no matter of it, saying " eat my honey, and them allergies will disappear."

Jeezum...if he wasn't right!Turns out eating honey from close to your own personal allergens has a therapeutic effect. Try it with our Vermont honey if you live in the city, or put your own localvore nectar into this adorable little pot.

Our decorative Honey Pot has a wooden dipper. The pot can be washed in the dishwasher.  The dipper not.

Approximately 6 oz.  Perfect for the morning breakfast table. 3" H.