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Oven Thermometer

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Oven Thermometer

Stainless steel oven thermometer. 2.75" H x 2.75 W.  Lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer..."no questions asked." Works in both conventional and convection ovens, and on wood stoves. Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts.

We present an old-fashioned gauge in a digital age.

It's nice to know that your home-made pie is baking under the protection of a time-tested device. Our analog oven thermometers meet  both HACCP and NSF standards, yet they are simple devices that have watched over  family recipes for generations!

They easily hang or stand inside your oven.  It's a tool you understand, with or without electricity.

Those digital whiz-bang read-outs are slick, but long-time bakers may admit to a certain lack of trust in them.  They just don't seem to care what's cooking, right? Our little thermometer almost begs to end its task with a bit of blueberry pie filling on the dial!