Owl Scarecrow Protects Your Garden

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Resin Great Horned Owl protects your-garden by scaring the crap out of other birds!

Made in America to look real...and like a real bad-ass. Other birds fear this sharp-eyed carnivore, and will quickly move on to safer dining venues. Hey why take the chance! If you were a Red-Breasted Robin, and saw this dude fancying your modest red breasts at supper time, what you you do?

Mount your owl on a stake, or hang it from a rafter, or tree branch. If you like, fill it with sand or rocks and set it on a nearby ledge. 16''T. 

In case your Second Grade teacher left you with the impression that Great Horned Owls are the Bambis of the Bird Kingdom, this little clip ought to clear things up.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review