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Reflective Dog Vest

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Spot The Dog! -Reflective Protective Dog Vest

The French have a saying..."Entre le Chien et le Loup", "between the dog and the wolf". It describes a murky moment at dusk when images can become confusing and poor decisions can be made. In these moments, it's best to be on your guard.

We can't speak up for the loups out there in the Vermont woods, but do have a helluva idea for your dog! Spot the Dog! is a Vermont company that designs top quality protective dog gear. We offer this reflective lightweight vest as an example. Tough as nails, warm, ready for the outdoors in all seasons, day or night, wet or dry. It's reversible and comfortable. The fastenings are all made of extra-sticky Velcro.

Essential for walking, hiking, running, X-country skiing and hunting with your Vermont or Verdun.

In an age of gender-bending, our 75 lb. English Setter model, not adverse to showing a bit of underarm hair, is wearing a size Large. 

Closeout sale, size small only.