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Speckled Stoneware Mugs

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Speckled Stoneware Mugs

It's true.  Some things become our favorites. Most just don't.  All of us own a favorite shirt...two at the most. George Bush '41 had a single washed-blue shirt he wore every day in Kennebunkport. I wondered if it was the only garment in his Downeast closet.

We reach for favorite shoes, foods, songs, ties...even undies...every day. You know people who love their iPhone nearly as much as their spouse. 

And when it comes to morning coffee, well nearly everyone has a favorite mug.

In case you haven't found yours, may we respectfully suggest our stoneware Lake Country Mug. Generous of proportion, with a big comfortable handle, thick heat-holding sides, and a handsome honest exterior. We believe it's a genuine candidate for the top-shelf.

It's also exceptionally strong, and easily capable of waking you up for the coming decade.

Nearly 4" across. The handle is nearly 3" high. Crisp white interior. Speckled Navy exterior. Comes in set of 2.

It feels great in your hand.