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Stainless Tiffin Lunch Box

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Tiffin Food Carrier

3-Tier stainless steel food carrier. Self latching container holds room for 3 separate snacks/meals. Use your top tiffin solo for snacks or smaller meals, or as a triplet if you want to add a side dish or salad, main course or dessert. 

Lightweight and perfect for work, school, picnics, or a night out. Great for hot and cold foods. Easy to clean, but  hard to live without. BPA free. Try it out for your winter aventures too...a warm meal in an ice fishing hut is so much more delicious than cold sandwiches!

At least one of the 7 wonders of the world can be found in India...the Taj Mahal.

But let us suggest another contender...The Mumbai Tiffin Brigade.

Millions of Indian men catch a bus or train each morning, heading to work.  Do they bring a lunchbox? Why of course not!  It's seen as a low-class move for an upcoming fellow.  Instead an incredibly complex distribution plan has been created.

Soon after their husbands depart, Indian wives and Moms pack a tasty lunch into a stainless steel Tiffin (just like the one we offer). Inside, there are several levels to hold a wonderful meal.  She has previously painted a unique design on the tiffin her own hand, legible even to the sometimes illiterate carriers. She seals everything in before placing her tiffin just outside her door.

A "tiffin-wallah" soon swings by to scoop up the lunch.  His bicycle is waiting outside, with long bamboo poles sticking out the backside.  He slips the lunch onto a specific one, and is off to the next home. By the time he has approached the train station, his bike is barely able to function, for all the weight being carried. Nearly countless tiffins bob in the back!

With their bewildering markings, crucially important to destination, they are loaded onto trains, and transported to dense employment centers by folks who have somehow managed to memorize the artwork. Each is ultimately delivered to the correct recipient, just before lunch.

Then the process reverses!  The tiffins are picked up, sorted onto bike poles, taken to the trains, and transported back home...dirty, empty and...correctly.

This service is amazingly cheap. Workers also gain the benefit of a healthy and fresh home-cooked meal.

Imagine the cost if we tried this at home...and don't forget to add the barcodes and scanners!