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The Dock of Broken Dreams by Jack Edward Shay

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The Dock of Broken Dreams by Jack Edward Shay

Just about everything connected to Benedict Arnold's life authenticates a story so incredulous that it would be hard to make up.

Elsewhere, you may have read that Mr. Arnold and my great, great.....grandfather Abiathar Camp were close business friends in the years prior to the Revolutionary War.  Because of this connection, I've read deeply on Arnold's life.

Author Jack Shay spent 10 years researching two famous Revolutionary conspirators in treason...General Benedict Arnold and British Captain John Andre, and the women who loved them.  Even a serious historian will get quickly caught up in the plot, thanks to his dedication to the true story line. 

Each protagonist cut a handsome figure but carried a bit too much ambition.  It ended badly for them all, but the tale of that descent makes for an unforgettable read.