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Vermont Ain't Flat Cycling Shirt

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Vermont Ain't Flat Cycling Shirt

Talk about an understatement! 

Bikers and hikers soon come to know that Vermont ain't flat. Forged during the last Great Ice Age, the landscape leaps up, down and around...seemingly determined to challenge your curiosity. 

Our tee simply reminds the wearer to eat an extra bowl of Wheaties before setting out.

Biking Tip:  If you love biking through the state, but don't look forward to the relentless rhythm of hills, try biking around Lake Champlain.  The water surface is (eureka!!) flat from North to South, East to West, and there's nearly always a country road near the shore.  In 5-6 memorable days, you can bike the roughly 300-mile circumference.  But don't forget to pedal through the islands and visit our store!!  That's the very best part.

For the absolute BEST biking information visit our friends at LocalMotion.

Our Vermont Ain't Flat Tees come in three colors: Brick Red, Olive Green and Lime Green.