JK Adams Everyday Cutting Board

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It's hard to beat the cutting boards made by J.K. Adams of Dorset Vermont. This is one of their classics.

The top surface has a Juice Groove for carving. The bottom side is totally flat for slicing veggies and such. The incredible grains and hard surfaces of this native wood give you the confidence that you'll NEVER need to purchase another...unless you want too!

Even Thomas Jefferson was interested in Vermont Sugar Maple Trees. He had learned that they produced a sweet sap in early spring that could be boiled down into syrup...and even further into pure natural sugar. With the Brits still controlling sugar imports into the newly independent United States, his idea was to encourage every family to plant at least one Maple tree in their back yard...and thus slake their thirst for sweet foreign temptations. He ordered several dozen seedlings for his farm at Monticello.

Wash in warm soapy water and towel dry. Not for dishwashers! Oil occasionally. 15'' x 9'' x 3/4''.

Include it in your will to a grandson. Give it a will be your friend the rest of your days.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review