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Washington's Crossing -by David Hackett Fischer

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Washington's Crossing -by David Hackett Fischer

As in-the-tank American history buffs, we've read our share of books on the life of our most famous Founding Father, but David Hackett Fischer's tale of Washington's audacious raid on British occupied Trenton New Jersey moved right to the top of our list!

This story delivers all the hair-raising tension in this go-for-broke attack at the end of Washington's sorry first year as his nation's top general.  But more than that, it capture's the sometimes hard-to-understand leadership skills that brought him to his iconic place in our history and to the face of Mt.Rushmore

At times, a tear dropped to my page.  At other moments, Hackett's words forced me to stop and reflect on what I'd learned. The Battle of Trenton New Jersey was a game-changing victory for America...and for Washington's career. No one has ever told the story with more skill.

Put Washington's Crossing on your list.  Wait if you must...the book won't lose value over time...but read it before you tell the story of America' birth to you grand children.




Washington's Crossing by David Hackett Fischer. 564p.


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History.