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Wine Bottle Life Vest

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Wine Bottle Life Vest

Polyester Wine Bottle Life Vest. 11” Tall. Plastic Snap. Reflective safety tape.

Should you save yourself, or save the wine???

A troubling question for some perhaps, but not for us. We heartily recommend this realistic miniature Mae West life jacket as a clever way to wrap up a bottle of wine that’s about to be gifted. Imagine the reaction of the recipient at his lakeside home, or aboard his 1928 GarWood runabout?

The life vest snaps right onto any 750ml sized wine bottle. Of course it’s been a top seller on our Lake Champlain Islands (we drink a lot of grape out here!), but we’re certain the idea will carry beyond our waters to yours. Note of caution: If your drop your bottle over the side, even our vest won’t save it. Rather, the rare vintage you carted across the country will enter Davy Jones Pvt. Locker, and await further travel instructions.

Did you ever wonder how a plain 'n simple over-the-neck life vest earned a new name as a "Mae West"?

We did, and Google solved our mystery. Turns out the G.I.s changed the names of their yellow life vests to “Mae Wests” during WWII. When filled with air, their chests began to resemble Mae's world-famous bosoms. She must have been proud! After all, it was she who said "...why don't you come up and see me sometime...when all I've got on is the radio."