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Duct Tape Regatta North Hero VT

Duct Tape Regatta

The (Wet & Hilarious!) International Duct Tape Regatta returns to City Bay in North Hero Village in 2018 on Saturday, August 4th. Registration and inspection begin at 9am. The races start at 10am.

Contestants race their home-made boats from the North Hero House Beach to the Hero’s Welcome dock…a distance of approximately 600 ft. All ages are welcome!

The boats may be any length, and any design…the crazier the better…but must be constructed from only 2 materials: Cardboard and Duct Tape.  No staples, glue, metal, rubber, wood or resin…nothing else!

There will be 7 Heats*: 

Kids 6 and Under must be accompanied by adults walking through the water beside each boat. Adults will need water-ready beach shoes.

Kids 7-14 Singles

Kids 7-14 with 2 or more crew members. 

Adults 15 to 60  Singles 

Adults 15 to 60 with 2 or more crew members. 

Seniors  61 and over with any number of crew members.

Crazy Crews with mixed ages 7 and over with 2 or more paddlers.

* Heats may be adjusted according to turn-out

Propulsion is limited to feet, hands, single un-attached oars, canoe and kayak paddles. All racers must be wearing life vests.

Register on Race Day, beginning at 9am.

Registration Fee is just $10. per boat or $100 to sponsor the race.

Trophies for the Heat Winners, and for extraordinary feats, such as Biggest Wipe-Out, Most Creative Design, Most Effective Design, Most Determined Racers.

All proceeds will be donated to the North Hero Historical Society, for the further preservation of the North Hero Community Hall. 

More info? or 802-598-3743