Classic Champ Short Sleeve Tee

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Is there a monster lurking beneath the deep waters of Lake Champlain?  Our ever-popular cotton tee will proclaim your interest! 

Hand drawn silk-screen rendering of "Champ."  Dark Blue 100% cotton fabric.  Choose from youth and men's sizes.

Welcome to the mystery! 

This is no simple fairy tale.  Scientists still inquire.  Lake Champlain is the largest mountain lake in the United States.  At 400+ feet it's also one of the deepest.  Long and narrow, it resembles Loch Ness in even more famous "monster" lake.

Further, in ancient history Lake Champlain contained salt water and was 600 ft. deeper...the waters lapping the bases of the Green and Adirondack Mountain Ranges.  Many credible folks claim to have seen Champ.  Alas, we are not among them.  But one never knows, and just this week my bride reached for the binoculars as we both spotted something odd off-shore.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review