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Double Lens Loupe -LED Lighted

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Double Lens Loupe -LED Lighted

Zero right in.

We love this item! Our new Double-Lens Loupe Magnifier sends LED light right into the subject matter.

Two lenses bring the power of either 30x or 60x magnification! Stare into the diamond you wear every day  and you'll soon begin to wonder if Princess Leia, that Alderaan Hottie in Star Wars ever found the love she deserved.

Highly polished glass lenses, protected by a metal housing. All professional grade.

The magnifier is compact, measuring 2"L x 1"H x 1.25" T. Long-lasting LED lights are powered by replaceable batteries.

We pride ourselves on sleuthing out items that will make memorable gifts for a person who already has everything! In choosing our Double Lens Loupe, you will be making a stellar gift choice.