Stainless Fruit/Veg Peeler

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Take a look at the last potato peeler you'll ever need. It's made in Sweden, of high-quality stainless steel. It will peel every potato (or carrot) that comes your way...for the rest of your days! We guarantee it.

Four sure, you can find cheaper peelers in places like WalMart. Some are almost disposable instead of indispensable.

Our Stainless Potato and Veggie Peeler is 6.5" Long. It has a 3" blade, and can be used by right or left handers.

A fair question: Do we have the chops? Do we know enough about peelers to be so proud of this one?

Years ago, I learned to peel potatoes like hell won't have it, and may still be a contender in most any kitchen. 

As a new counselor at a Pacific Northwest Boy Scout camp, I was assigned to the lowly 4-man kitchen crew.  Each week, 400 new kids showed up, and for Friday night dinner, the cook served  mashed potatoes.  To do that, he needed three 33-gallon garbage cans filled with peeled potatoes. You guessed it... we pulled the duty!  

Each week, four of us approached the task with a capitalistic flair.  In two-man teams, we competed to fill one can apiece. The winning team in that race was excused from duty in filling the third can!  Lord, did we learn to fly through them taters! 

If memory serves, just staring at the empty third can was incentive enough to keep me on the winning team every time.

The stainless steel potato peeler shown here is identical to the model we used to win against less nimble Scouts. 

Stainless Fruit and Vegetable Peeler.

This Swedish made vegetable and fruit peeler is constructed entirely of 18/10 stainless steel and has a precision honed blade for lasting sharpness. 6 3/4'' overall length. Dishwasher safe.

Made in Sweden.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review